Why Your Relationship with Your Employees Matters

Most managers dream of a work environment that consists of collaboration, ingenuity, productivity, low stress and high employee morale.

If you manage a group of people, it may be easier to make that dream into a reality than you think.

It all starts with one thing: building a great relationship with your employees.

Why does this matter so much? Why put the effort into building a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust? Why not just issue orders and expect them to be followed?

Because we’re all human. And as humans, we naturally work harder for those who are fair, consistent and kind. The more positive interactions we have with our boss, the more productive we tend to be.

Creating a good relationship with your employees isn’t just for their benefit. It can have numerous perks for yourself and the company as well.

It frees up your time

Frees up Time If employees feel that you trust them to use their own judgment to solve problems as they arise, you’ll discover that they’re in your office a lot less.

When you’re dealing with fewer questions and crises, you’ll be able to concentrate on other, higher level issues.

It leads to less mistakes

If you consistently demonstrate trust in your team, you’ll also probably find that employees make better decisions because they won’t want to let you down. In addition, you’ll probably make fewer mistakes as well since you’ll have more time to concentrate on your own work.

It cultivates creativity and innovation

Creativity and Inspiration Fear-based corporate cultures suppress any urge to think outside the box for fear of being shut down.

But an encouraging, supportive atmosphere allows employees to take risks, offer opinions and generate ideas that help the department and/or company succeed.

It makes change easier

Employees who have a good relationship with their manager are far more likely to go along with any changes you need to implement, even if they’re difficult ones. While there still may be some resistance (after all, none of us truly likes change), their trust in you will help them make the transition more quickly.

It reduces turnover

The cost of keeping an employee over the long term has far less impact on the bottom line than constantly hiring and training new employees. Having a great relationship with your team members creates a sense of loyalty and dedication, drastically reducing turnover.

It makes you look good to your superiors

Business When a team is happy, productive and innovative, it’s almost impossible for upper management not to notice. No doubt, they’ll want to know what you’re doing that’s so different from your peers, and they may even put you at the head of the line for the next promotion!

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Office Award Ideas for Harry Potter Enthusiasts

Put a magical spin on your next employee recognition. Dive into the curious world of Harry Potter when dreaming up office award ideas. Here’s a few award categories to get you started!

Office Award Ideas for Harry Potter

Harry Potter Loyalty Award

Instead of naming an employee of the year, honor this clever, dedicated person with the Harry Potter Loyalty Award. Their determination and willingness to learn and move the company forward is evident in their daily tasks and accomplishments.

Hermione Granger Learning Award

We all know of that one person who picks up new skills quickly, and has to teach us what’s going on. This detail-oriented, conscientious employee deserves the Hermione Granger Learning Award.

Ronald Weasley Congeniality Award

When you have to team upon a project, you know that one person everyone wants to work with? He deserves the Ronald Weasley Congeniality Award for his cheerful, easy-going personality that meshes well with everyone in the office.

Patronum Award

Movement Certificate by PaperDirectThis award goes to the person in the office who is an extremely positive ray of light.

They can turn any poor situation into an energized one and even combat soul-sucking co-workers dementors.

Longbottom Progress Award

Present this honor to the person in the office who has shown great improvement over time. The Neville Longbottom Award celebrates an employee whose newfound leadership skills and confidence are noticed by the entire staff.

Helpful Hagrid Award

Is there a nurturing staff member who’s always ready to help someone else out? The winner of the Rubeus Hagrid Award is a kindhearted teacher who’s friendly with everyone they collaborate with and a joy to have on your team.

The Seeker

The Snitch

This award should be given to the employee that has a lot of responsibility-but always delivers. They finish the game, add serious value to the company and are light & nimble.

Sirius Black Identity Award

Every office has someone who is the voice of the company. They’re loyal and will protect the identity of the company at every turn. The Sirius Black Award recipient likely works in the marketing or public relations department and always has a positive comment ready.

Professor Minerva McGonagall Leader Award

This leading office lady is looked up to by many. Although she rules with an iron fist, she’s fair and intelligent. The Professor Minerva McGonagall Leader Award should go to a natural leader, whether she’s taken on a new supervisory role or is being honored for years of dedication.

Professor Albus Dumbledore Leader Award

Deathly Hallows - Harry Potter

We haven’t forgotten about the men! An equally intelligent, wise man in the office should be honored with the Professor Albus Dumbledore Leader Award. He sets solid examples and the interns look to him for inspiration and guidance.

Severus Snape Teaching Award

Sometimes it takes awhile to see where a new employee fits into the office mix. But when a shining star emerges with an immense loyalty to the company and is willing to share their talents and intelligence to benefit everyone, they deserve the Severus Snape Teaching Award.

Gryffindor House Award

If there is an entire team that works well together to get the job done, present them each with a Gryffindor house award. #BestHouse

Wingardium Leviosa Award

IsDiaphanous Certificate by PaperDirect there a friendly know-it-all among yourselves? Reward them for their knowledge- someday they may save you from a troll.

Ready to create your awards? Paper Direct has several certificates to make your Harry Potter office award ideas true keepsakes. Browse the collection of online certificates today!

[images courtesy of Harry Potter Wikia]

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An Administrative Professional’s Day Gift That Motivates

Administrative Assistant Certificate and Jacket by PaperDirectDuring any given weekday, an office’s administrative staff provides constant support to every other department, usually taking on the tasks and duties no else wants to complete.

Sometimes it does not occur to management how important it is to motivate administrative professionals, even though these individuals provide invaluable work to the company as a whole.

With Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professional’s Day right around the corner, businesses can take a few minutes out of their hectic schedules to show appreciation for and continue to motivate their administrative staff.

Let’s Go Back

Sixty-three years ago, the combined efforts of the leaders at the National Secretaries Association (now called the International Association of Administrative Professionals), Dictaphone Corporation, and Young and Rubicam helped launch theAdministrative Assistant Certificates by PaperDirect celebration of National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day.

Since 1952, National Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day has evolved into Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professional’s Day.

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals’ website, “Each year, administrative professionals are recognized for their skills and loyalty, attributes almost every office depends upon. Administrative Professionals Week celebrates and sheds light on administrative professionals’ devoted, valued work.”

“We all appreciate being thanked, but why not go the extra mile and make a point of using gift cards, hand-written thank you notes, and other gestures to recognize achievement,” contributor Caron Beesley advises in a U.S. Small Business Administration blog post.

This year, Administrative Professional Week begins on Sunday, April 19, and Administrative Professional’s Day falls on Wednesday, April 22.

Beesley also notes in her SBA blog post

“There’s little doubt that employees are...

How to Show Your Appreciation

An office can demonstrate its gratitude to the administrative personnel in a variety of ways: flowers, gift cards, lunch out, and so on. However, a gift that motivates the recipient long after Administrative Professionals Week has ended, a certificate serves as a reminder of how much their work is appreciated by their co-workers and bosses.

awardTake the gift one step further by placing the certificate in a jacket to make the effort last that much longer. When your office awards the administrative staff with customized certificates recognizing their dedicated efforts, you’ll be amazed with how positively they respond to the gesture.

Picking up a Starbucks gift card or signing an off-the-rack greeting card are easy ways to recognize your company’s admins during Administrative Professionals Week. Yet these gifts don’t serve as ongoing motivation. Celebrate your administrative professionals while motivating them with a present that speaks directly to their hard work and ongoing efforts, such as a certificate in a jacket.


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8 Easy Ways Small Businesses Can Become Earth Friendly this Year

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day,

Since 1970, people across the nation and around the world have dedicated the 22nd day of April to helping make our home planet a cleaner, healthier place for all living things. With this green holiday quickly approaching, learn more about ways to become earth-friendly in your small business operations with these eight tips.

Energy Saving Settings

Laptop Energy Savings

Many computers and devices have settings to help conserve power. The less power your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet have to use, the less energy your business will consume.

Share these settings with your staff via a friendly email that offers links to directions that detail how to enable energy-saving modes on electronics.

Digitize Files

Glance around your office. Are you surrounded by gray filing cabinets? It’s time to digitize all of those files, recycle old documents, and get rid of those clunky, old filing cabinets.

Now that you have extra space in your office, consider methods for better utilizing your square footage. Also, you’ll find your small business is better organized with digital files, rather than paper ones.

Rethink Your Commute


While not everyone lives near a mass transit system, there are easy ways to green your workday commute.

  • Agree to let employees work remotely 1-2x per week.
  • Host a Bike to Work Day and award all participants with a certificate and catered lunch.
  • If you live in a city with a bus or train system, buy a monthly pass and let someone else drive you to work.

Pack a Lunch

Pack your Own Lunch

In the scuddle to get out the door on time each morning, it’s easier to buy lunch then pack one of your own before leaving the house. However, people who pack their own lunches to take with them to work not only eat healthier and save money, but also produce less waste.

Think of all the paper products used when you pick up a burger and fries from a fast food place: the wrapping, the bag, the container, the cup. Pack your food up in reusable containers to really minimize the impact your lunch has on the environment.


Not just paper products but everything from old furniture (like those unneeded filing cabinets) to materials such as glass, cardboard, and plastic. An office produces quite a bit of waste, even if it is a small business. Cut down on clutter by aiming to recycle as much as possible in your office. This is an easy way to become more earth-friendly in your office.

Add Some Green

Cactus in Office

Improve the indoor environment your office inhabits by adding some fresh plants to your decor. Not only do plants add a certain aesthetically-pleasing element to your workspace, they also absorb airborne pollutants while emitting healthy negative ions and oxygen.

Even on busy days where you can’t find the time to step outside for a quick break, still enjoy the benefits of breathing fresh air thanks to some foliage in your office.

Embrace Natural Light

The humming sound of fluorescent lights is commonplace in many office, even though these workspaces ordinarily have many large windows.

On bright, sunny days, especially during the summer, open up those blinds and hit the switch on overhead lights. Natural light doesn’t cost a cent and you’ll find employees approaching work with less stress and anxiety when the overhead lights have been shut off.

Stock Reusable and Green Supplies

Office Supplies

While it might cost a little more to invest in eco-friendly office supplies, the effort really contributes positively to the environment. Instead of buying disposable pens, purchase ones that can be refilled or use mechanical pencils.

Choose recycled paper products over ones that are not.Even though it might seem like these small changes won’t make a difference, taking the time to find ways to become more earth-friendly has a truly significant impact on our planet.

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6 Management Mistakes that Kill Employee Motivation


Most managers truly want to inspire their employees to come up with creative ideas, be more productive and do better work.

However, without even realizing it, it can be easy to slip into motivation-killing habits that affect the level at which an employee contributes, as well as play a part in staff turnover.

If you’re a manager, take a look at the list below to see if you’re making any of these mistakes and learn how to correct them.


One of the main reasons for low employee morale is the feeling that their input and concerns aren’t being heard. Far too often, managers make assumptions about the point the employee is trying to make and, in an effort to move the conversation along, jump in before allowing them to finish.

Letting employees finish their thoughts and complete their ideas is a simple and effective way to make them feel valued and heard.

Poking holes

Poking Holes When an employee comes to you with an idea to improve business or their own job, how do you respond? Do you immediately start listing the reasons it won’t work? Or worse, reply with the dreaded, “We’ve always done it this way”?

If this seems familiar, try to consciously keep an open mind. Ask the employee to present both the problem and the solution, as they see it. Even if you ultimately decide not to implement their idea after weighing all the pros and cons, they will be more likely to come to you with ideas in the future.


There’s nothing worse than having a boss constantly looking over your shoulder, asking for constant updates and, even worse, telling you how to do your jobs. All these actions quickly zap the motivation of even the most dedicated worker.

On the other hand, showing employees that you trust them to do the tasks they were hired for is a huge morale booster. You can still keep on top of things by ask for updates at regular intervals and making it clear that they can come to you with problems in the interim.

Goals Lack of clear goals

In order for your staff to achieve the company’s or department’s goals, they first have to know what they are. When goals are not clearly defined or continually change, it can lead to confusion, frustration and low morale.

Make sure your employees understand what your goals are and, more importantly, why the goals have been set in the first place. Then make sure they each have the proper tools and resources to reach them.

Time wasters

Time Wasters At some point or another, most of us have been trapped in a long meeting that had little to no bearing or effect on our own job or responsibilities.

These types of meetings can be frustrating and demoralizing since they eat into valuable time that could be spent more productively.

Therefore, before calling an all-staff meeting, ensure that it really is necessary that everyone attends and try to keep the agenda short and efficient.

Lack of rewards/acknowledgement

When employees feel their work is taken for granted or not valued, they may start to do and care less. That’s why it’s so important to have a system in place for thank your employees for their work.

It can be as simple as verbal thank you or a short, handwritten note. Or you may choose to recognize those who go above and beyond with formal awards. Whatever you do, make sure the gesture is sincere.

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How & Why to Cultivate a Positive Attitude at Work

How & Why to Cultivate a Positive Attitude at Work

Think positive!

Look on the bright side!

Don’t worry, be happy!

There’s so much out there these days about the “power of positive thinking” that it can start seeming like a bunch of self-help hooey.

As long as you get your work done, you may wonder whether it really matters whether you have a positive mindset or not.

The short answer is…it does.

And it’s not just the Tony Robbins of the world who are saying it. More and more, science is backing it up, too.

Interestingly, positive thoughts and emotions are more fleeting and diffuse than negative ones. However, study after study has shown that positive emotions contribute in a major way to important life outcomes including friendship, marital satisfaction, higher incomes and better physical health and longer lives.

If that wasn’t enough, positivity can also have an effect on those around you, whether it’s at home or at work. A positive disposition helps motivate and inspire others in a way that negativity can’t.

Of course, cultivating a positive attitude in the workplace can be easier said than done, depending on your corporate culture. But with just a little intentional effort, you’ll start seeing changes in both yourself and others before long.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Imagine your day


Take a few moments at the beginning of each workday to envision a positive outcome. See yourself easily moving through tasks and effectively addressing problems as they arise. This doesn’t mean you won’t encounter frustrations, but preparing yourself mentally ahead of time will help make them easier to handle.

Smile and laugh

Studies have shown that smiling and laughing, even if we don’t necessarily feel happy, has the effect of lifting our mood and reframing our outlook. So make it a point to smile at others more often and share a joke with your coworkers.

Acknowledge others

One of the best ways to feel good is to make others feel good about themselves. When you recognize the efforts of your boss or coworkers, praise their accomplishments and say “thank you,” you’ll be surprised how great it makes you feel.

Employ positive language

How we think and speak has a direct effect on our mindset. Instead of saying “can’t,” “won’t” and “shouldn’t,” start using phrases like “I can,” “I will” and “I am able.”

Focus on solutions

highway exchange

When things are stressful at work, it can be all too easy to fall in the trap of complaining about the situation. An easy way to break free of this is to simply focus on the solution to the problem and the steps needed to accomplish it.

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April Fool’d ya. Top Office Pranks to do this Year

April Fools’ Day is a prime day to have an office job, thanks to the vast amount of pranks you can pull on your coworkers and employees. We scoured the Web for the top office pranks, finding everything from the advanced building of a fake wall to block off the executive offices to the super simple, strategically placed whoopee cushion.

We stuck with the simpler variety of top office pranks for you to try, even ranking them on their level of simplicity and chances of backfiring.

Cell Phone in the Ceiling

  • Difficulty: Easy to medium (depending on the height of the ceiling)
  • Backfiring chances: Low

If your office has tiled ceilings that have easily removable tiles, you have a ready-made place to hide your coworker’s cell phone. Wait until the person leaves his or her desk with the cellphone on top of it. Then pop the cellphone up into the ceiling by gently lifting up the corner of one of the tiles. When the person returns, call the cellphone repeatedly, and watch the coworker go nuts trying to find it.

The Highly Contagious Illness

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Backfiring chances: Low

This prank works especially well if you have a coworker who happens to be a germophobe, although it can do a good job on just about anyone in the next cubicle. Your job is to cough, sniffle, constantly blow your nose and otherwise act as if you’re suffering from a cold.

Have a spray bottle of water handy, then let out a huge sneeze just as you spray the water over the top of the cubicle wall toward your coworker’s desk. Apologize profusely as you try not to laugh at his or her grossed-out reaction. Keep this up all day or until the person looks ready to explode, whichever comes first.

The Really Big Delivery

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Backfiring chances: Medium to high

This prank requires a big, big cardboard box – and an employee who can fit in the box to hide. Taller boxes are more effective, allowing the person to crouch down in the box with the top loosely folded shut. Keep the box in the reception area where deliveries are normally left, then call a series of people up to reception, one by one, to pick up their delivery.

Their first inclination will be to open the box top, at which time the person pops up and scares the heck out of them. This is one of the top office pranks that could backfire, depending on the recipient’s reaction. If they’re freaked out enough, they could end up shoving the box and knocking it over.

The Cubicle Coating

Dwight Office Prank

[photo via]

  • Difficulty: Low to High (depending on efforts)
  • Backfiring chances: Medium

The easy version of this prank involves sticking a Post-It note on every single item in the cubicle or office, labeled accordingly. The more challenging version involves coating the entire cubicle and its contents with the coating of your choice. You could wrap each item holiday gift wrap, tinfoil, Xerox copies of a strange image or actor, hundreds of Post-It notes, pictures of Dwight from The Office or any other paper product that catches your fancy. Backfiring chances come from using up an expensive or in-demand paper product that you actually need around the office.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Backfiring chances: Low

Six More Funny Office Pranks

Disappearing staples: Choose one coworker’s stapler or target all staplers throughout the office, leaving each with only a few staples and then emptying them out every time they’re refilled.

Banana taping: Tape an old, really ripe and really stinky banana to the underside of someone’s desk. You can start with a new banana, and let it ripen and stink in its own sweet time.

Phone muting: Place a piece of clear tape over the mouthpiece speaker part of your coworker’s phone, causing them to yell into the mouthpiece if they hope to be heard.

Phantom paperclip: Make a dozen or so copies of a single paperclip, then place those copies into the paper drawer of the copy machine. Every copy someone makes will appear with a paperclip in the middle of it, driving them mad looking for the phantom clip.

Eternally ringing phone: Place clear tape over the pop-up button in the phone’s cradle, causing it to ring and ring even after it’s picked up.

The dead mouse trick: Stick a Post-It note over the bottom of someone’s computer mouse. The mouse will still merrily click away – but it won’t move on the screen.

No matter what prank you choose, remember they’re all meant to be in fun. And they’re all meant to be done on someone other than your boss. Happy April Fools’!

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Fun Graduation Party Ideas to Keep You Top of Class

Graduation from high school or college is a monumental achievement that deserves to be celebrated in style!

From invitations to decorations, we have a few fun graduation party ideas and tips that will help make the day extra memorable.

Use Creative and Exciting Invitations

grad notecards There is no better way to reach out to friends and family and set the tone of a graduation celebration than to use creative invitations. Invitations do not have to be costly to be high quality or grab attention.

There is a huge range of specialty notecards, invitations, and postcards that you can personalized for your event and ensure that family and friends

Choose Foods That Encourage a Social Atmosphere

Food brings people together and adds a festive element to the celebration. Choose foods that embrace the social nature of a party by selecting menu items that do not require too many utensils or ones that do not need to be eaten while sitting down.

Try a menu that lets guests roam and enjoy one another, or ones that make meal creation as part of the fun, such as DIY kabobs, or a burrito bar.

Get Crazy with Desserts

Desserts on Pinterest

Deserts are always the hit of any party, so why not get crazy with them?  This is the perfect opportunity to break out all of the fun desserts you’ve saved on Pinterest and try them….all!

Consider Non-Traditional Themes

Sure, graduation can mark the entrance to adulthood or the beginning of a new career, but it does not mean you have to leave out the fun. Why not consider party themes that remind you of the fun that life offers?

Try a surprise Nerf or squirt gun war, or a retro party that embraces the graduate’s favorite things from the past.

Decorations can do Double Duty


Make your decorations do double duty and serve as a backdrop for pictures.  A wall of streamers or balloons for example, not only adds a festive feel, they also can make the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Provide a few props and get the cameras ready for that picture perfect moment!

Paper Direct helps your celebrations stand out with uniquely fun designs. Check out our design gallery to find some inspiration!


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Beautiful & Affordable Weddings: The Invitations

wedding invites There is just no getting around it —weddings are expensive.

From the cost of the dress to the cake and flowers, the expenses add up quickly. That is why saving where you can is just so important.

If you are planning your wedding, here are some smart ways to save on invitations.

wedding-invite Avoid Upgrades

Things like envelope liners, bows, multiple layers of paper, and custom details can really add up. Avoid the unnecessary upgrades or modify your choices to reflect more affordable options.  For example, if envelope liners are a non-negotiable for you, try buying the paper in bulk and cutting to size yourself.

Keep Postage Costs Down

When choosing invitations, choose ones that are most affordable to send. Avoid things like heavy, multi-layered designs that when placed in an envelope with the RSVP and additional envelope end up weighting much more than expected. According to the US Post Office website, there are some additional ways postal customers incur an additional $0.13 surcharge per envelope including:

  •         It contains wood or other rigid material
  •         It has an address parallel to the shorter dimension of the letter
  •         The envelope is square versus rectangle
  •         The envelope has clasps, buttons, or strings
  •         The envelope contains an object making the surface uneven
  •         The envelop has closures such as buttons, clasps, or stings

Order Early and Order Extra

By ordering your wedding invitations early you avoid a costly rush fee. When you order extra, you avoid having to re-order if you miscalculate how many you need or misaddress any of the envelopes.

Design Them Yourself and Order Online

Ordering wedding invitations online can save a bundle over traditional printers. Paper Direct offers amazing and affordable DIY wedding invitation ideas designs. Even better, you can also order matching place cards, napkins, and programs for substantial savings.

DIY Wedding invites

Saving on your wedding invitations does not have to mean compromising on amazing quality and design. With these tips, and help from Paper Direct, you are sure to have an affordable wedding!

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Office Award Ideas Inspired by the 90s

It’s time to take a step back in time. You know, when MTV played music videos and MC Hammer balloon pants were cool. For your next company awards recognition party, slip on your vintage jelly shoes, don that side ponytail proudly and dig out your New Kids on the Block cassette tape. Here’s six office award ideas inspired by the fabulous 1990s!

Office Award Ideas  Inspired by the 90s

Teen Spirit Award

Send the most upbeat, spirited employee into a state of nirvana with the Teen Spirit Award.

This employee is bubbly, happy and remembers nearly everybody’s birthday with a card and homemade treats!

Saved by the Bell Award

Is there a key person in the office who somehow seems to come up with fabulous ideas at the last minute?

They deserve the Saved by the Bell award for keeping the team afloat during tough times, much like your best buddy from high school.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Award

It takes a team to get things done. Is there a powerhouse female duo who keeps your full house running smoothly? They deserve the Mary Kate and Ashley award for being the stars of the work day show.

Wayne’s World Award

For the men, consider the Wayne’s World Award. Do you have a Wayne and Garth who work together seamlessly, add personality to boring presentations or simply keep the office smiling with their jokes and antics? This award is just for them!

Chris Farley Award

Perhaps one of the best known Saturday Night Live comedy skits of the 90s was Chris Farley’s motivational speaker parody. If you have an employee who is always sharing kind, helpful words to make meeting deadlines and projects easier, this recognition is perfect.

Power Ranger Award

You all know that person in the office who fights, fights, fights to get ahead and get things done. They may play down their gusto by wearing a colorful mask, and have a powerful team behind them, but they’re already ready to dive in headfirst and do what it takes.

They’re a true Power Ranger!

The Fresh to Death Award

In West Philadelphia born and raised…

The Dial Up Award

If there is someone in the office that is always running late, give them the dial up award for their slow behavior.

Sporty Spice Award

If there is a marathon runner or fitness guru in office, present them with the Sporty Spice Award. Other Spice Girls include:

  • Ginger Spice
  • Posh Spice
  • Scary Spice
  • Baby Spice

Go 90s!

The 90s

After you’ve figured out who gets what award, it’s time to start creating festive certificates. Paper Direct has several templates and paper patterns to choose from. Get started online today!

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed 

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