Corporate Party Checklist 2016: Big & Bold Holiday Party

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

corporate holiday party checklist

If you’re in charge of overseeing your company’s corporate party, the task can seem like a daunting one. Sometimes, expectations are low: employees haven’t been wowed in the past, and don’t expect to be wowed this year. Other times, though, someone truly rocked it the year before, and you’ve got some seriously large boots to fill. Whatever scenario you’re facing,…

Employee Office Awards Inspired from 2016

Employee Recognition Ideas

Office Award Ideas inspired by 2016

Giving out employee office awards at the end of the year is a great way to celebrate the year and boost moral. While traditional office awards are tried and true, you may be wanting to spice things up with some relevant, clever superlatives.  Some consider this year quite the trainwreck, so let’s bid farewell with these office award ideas- 2016 style….

Enter to Win Free Holiday Greeting Cards from PaperDirect!

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Win free holiday cards

Enter to win free holiday cards in our latest giveaway! Contest Dates: Now through November 23, 2016 Prize: Select your choice of holiday cards, up to $82.99 in value. (that’s a lot of cards!) Whether you use your winnings for business or pleasure, that’s’ up to you. This package is perfect for a small business trying to communicate well wishes…

Christmas Messages from Teachers to Students: Examples

Phrases & Wording

Christmas Messages from Teachers to Students

Students are often the shining stars of your day, and the holiday season is a great time to let them know it. Sending a card out to your students shows them you care, can help strengthen your bond, and may even serve as a subconscious, cheery reminder they have homework due after Christmas break. Your holiday greeting cards don’t have…

Christmas Messages from Realtors & Agents: Examples

Phrases & Wording

Christmas messages for realtors

Realtors and agents are likely to have a sprawling Christmas card list, packed with names of new homeowners, prospective buyers, and even folks looking to lease or purchase office space. An ideal way to wish them all well is with holiday greeting cards that feature an image and message that align with your style, tone, and overall personality. We’ve come up…

Christmas Messages for Churches in 2017: Examples

Phrases & Wording

Christmas messages for churches

Christmas is a time for glorious jubilation, and churches can easily spread that jubilee to parishioners and friends with just the right holiday greeting cards. Just the right cards refer to those that have an image, tone and message that mesh with the personality of your church. Whether your parish is known for being traditional, humorous, or clever and quirky, we…

Christmas Messages from Doctors Offices: Examples

Phrases & Wording

Christmas Messages from Doctors Offices

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors’ office can score bonus points with elevated bedside manner. A good bedside manner stems from taking a little extra time to show that you care while developing positive patient-doctor relationships. Sending out  a warm thought over the busy holidays can contribute toward achieving both, especially if you include a Christmas message that matches the personality of…

Sneak Peek: PaperDirect’s Christmas Stationery Line

Event Planning Tips

Holiday Owl Christmas Notecards

Right now, the air is crisp with autumnal richness. Kids are picking out Halloween costumes and the entire world seems to be seasoned with pumpkin spice. But before you know it, you’ll be up to your ears in snowmen and reindeer, and it’ll be time to prepare for the Christmas season. One of the most important parts of Christmas is…

It’s Already Q4! Where to Spend Your Time & Money

Business Marketing Ideas

Time & Money

Seriously, where did 2016 go?  It seems like the year just began but actually, 2017 is rapidly approaching and the fourth quarter is in full swing. This period is a crucial time of year for small businesses, ripe with opportunities to set goals, improve sales, and communicate with your clients. During the fourth quarter, a small business should focus their…

When to Start Planning Your Holiday Party. Hint: Soon!

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Party Santa

A holiday party might seem like a simple-enough event to organize. However, those with experience planning a company-wide holiday party know it is no easy feat to host a successful yuletide gathering. For those new to holiday party planning, or those who are looking to make the process easier than years past, use this timeline and these tips to put…